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Golf Cart

Today, Golf Carts are more than just Golf Carts.  They have moved from a pure golf-related luxury purchase to one that encompasses a much wider range of use and demands.  A modern Golf Cart can be used for anything from typical outdoorsman stuff (fishing, hunting, camping, etc.) to simple transportation, all the way through to utilization for military purposes.

Now most of you won’t want to mount a turret on top of your Golf Cart of choice (here at Performance Carts we specialize in new Club Car, Yamaha, and EZ-Go golf carts), so the military application is probably not an interest to you, but no matter how you are using your Golf Cart, there are some ways to upgrade and customize your Golf Cart to suit your personal style!

Here are the top upgrades for your Golf Cart:

Golf Cart Rims, Wheels/Tires

Check out our aftermarket golf cart rims & tires…

Maybe the most common upgrade to improve the look/personalization of your golf cart is to add a set of new rims.  Stock rims/wheels are… how should we say this nicely?  They’re boring.  There we said it.  They are boring and look almost the same on every golf cart made!  Sure, some show a little better than others, but all in all, stock wheels and rims don’t do much to help your golf cart standout from the crowd.

Performance Carts & Trailers knows this and stocks a WIDE range of golf carts wheels/rims to help your ride reflect your personal style and pride.  Our quality, machined aluminum wheels/rims come in a wide variety of styles, colours and sizes.

We can even help you take your cart a step further by swapping out those puny tires for something that can not only handle your off-road riding demands much better, but add a visual element that a lower-profile stock tire cannot.  We carry 10-inch, 12-inch and 14-inch wheels/tires to provide more performance no matter what surface(s) you tend to ride your golf cart on… or through!

Rear Flip Seats & Rear Seat Attachments

Check out our aftermarket golf cart rear seats & attachments…

Rear seat and rear seat attachments tend to lean towards the functional side of the things, which makes it one of the most common upgrades golf cart owners invest in.

Adding a rear seat can quickly double your golf cart’s occupancy which makes it a no-brainer in a lot of cases as the first upgrade an owner does.  Even when a golf cart already has a rear seat, I think most golf cart owners would agree that the stock options are a long way from being comfortable.

Of course, the seats that Performance Carts carries, are of built to last a lifetime and provide flexibility for additional storage/carrying capacity.

Rear Seat Attachments can help expand the functionality of your new rear seat further.  Everything from seat belts, to grab bars to storage boxes to a wide variety of holders, can take your ride to a whole other level of usefulness and comfort.

Light Kits

Check out our aftermarket golf cart Lighting Kits…

Now most of your golf cart riding may be in daylight hours, but you will always run into times where riding your cart at night is required.  In those cases, if you have had to rely upon stock lighting (if there is even any at all to begin with?!) you KNOW that an improved lighting system/light kit would have made a world of difference.

It is more than obvious that there is a keen safety factor in improving the lighting of your golf cart (for both you and those around you), but the cool factor can be one that makes everyone’s head turn when you light ‘er up!  Golf Cart LED Light Kits come in a wide variety of options.  Headlights, taillights, marker lights and any variation therein that you can imagine.  If you are dealing with a stock (golf cart without a body kit), please make sure that you know your cart’s make and model so that we can make sure to get you the exact options that are available.

Custom Seats/Seat Covers

Check out our aftermarket golf cart seat covers and custom seats

As we noted above when talking about adding a Rear Flip Seat to your golf cart, comfort can be a prime reason to swap out your front seat.  Top-quality foams hold their shape and support for years and years; while premium stitching options provide an element of luxury and help your cart standout from the rest.

Even if you aren’t in the market to improve your golf cart’s comfort and are only concerned about its visuals, Performance Carts & Trailers carries a wide selection of seat covers, in a variety of styles and colours, to allow you to improve the look of your ride, or match the look of other upgrades you’ve already done, within a reasonable budget.

Lift Kits

Check out our aftermarket golf cart Lift Kits…

Golf Cart Lift Kits aren’t just for those who want to look the baddest/coolest.  They are actually functional as well!

Lifting your cart, even a modest amount, will allow for far greater off-road capability.  With the frame of your golf cart moved further away from off-road dangers, you’ll have extra suspension to improve your ride, less frequently bottom-out the suspension, and you will be far less likely to get hooked a hazard that could cause significant damage to your golf cart.

Golf Cart Lift Kits are surprising inexpensive, especially based on how they can improve the capacity, ability and function of your ride.

Body Kits

Check out our aftermarket golf cart Alpha Body Kits…

A Golf Cart Body Kit is the pinnacle of golf cart upgrades.  Sometimes the problem is finding the right one – not only for your current golf cart, but one that offers consistent quality and cool in equal amounts.

Body Kits don’t have to be something that alters the entire look of your golf cart – although they can.  Most golf cart owners start with small changes.  Grills, hood scoops/vents, fender flares or even decals, all come individually and can make the evolution/customization of your golf cart as small or as bold as you want!  Of course, if you want to move right to a full street body kit, the visual impact can be drastic and stunning!

We have come a long way from simply going from hole to hole on a golf course with our golf carts.  There are so many potential upgrades you can make to customize your golf cart available today and Performance Carts & Trailers always carries the very best, most common and even less common upgrades for your golf cart.  Allow Performance Carts to help you find the best golf cart upgrades to match your style and riding requirements.