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Top-Tier Golf Car Rentals in Kitchener, ON

Do you have an upcoming event or engagement in which your guests must be shuttled? Do you need a vehicle for a golf tournament, festival, vacation or outdoor recreation event? If so, rely on Performance Carts and Trailers for your needs. We provide cost-effective and top-quality golf car rentals in Kitchener, ON and surrounding areas. For work, adventure, or leisure, we’ll provide you with the perfect cart to meet your unique needs.

golf cart rental

Why Rent a Golf Car? Experience the Advantage

Here are the benefits you can receive by choosing to rent over buying your next golf car:

  • Reduced Costs: Opt for renting instead of buying to avoid storage fees and ongoing maintenance costs.
  • Customized Driving Experiences: Our rental options range from sleek, luxury 2-seaters to all-terrain models built to rule the landscape. We’ll tailor your vehicle to fulfill your unique requirements.
  • Hassle-Free Driving: Once you’re done with your rental, all you have to do is return it to us. You’ll never have to worry about storing or repairing it.

Choose Your Comfort With Versatile Seating Options

Our luxury and all-terrain seating options include the following:


Ideal for solo outings or pairs, these carts merge efficient design and personal space.


Shuttle one or more passengers in 4-seater variants, ensuring plenty of room and comfort.

Via 2+2

Innovation meets adaptability in the Via 2+2, flawlessly combining passenger convenience with the option for additional cargo space.

Via 2+2 OFF-X

Equipped for the off-path adventurer, the OFF-X model brings comfortable seating to rugged outdoor escapades.


When the load is demanding, our carryall seating steps up. It offers robust cargo space while elevating the passenger experience.

Comprehensive Golf Car Services That Deliver

As leaders in the industry, we can sell, service, deliver, and pick up golf carts to and from anywhere in Southwestern Ontario. We have two enclosed and two flat trailers that can store and transport between three and 14 units at a time. Our capabilities enable us to cover large areas efficiently. Regardless of the size, scope, or complexity of your needs, Performance Carts and Trailers will provide full-service golf car rental solutions that meet and exceed your expectations.

Your One Stop Shop for All Your Golf Cart & Trailer Needs