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MadJax Nivel X-Series Vehicles in Kitchener, ON

Performance Carts and Trailers provides fun, exhilarating adventures for families and individuals. We are a licensed and approved dealer and retailer of MadJax Nivel X-Series vehicles in Kitchener, ON, and surrounding areas. The MadJax brand has been renowned by golf cart drivers and riders for its comfort and handling since 2009. We’re proud to offer their golf and recreational vehicles to our customers. Discover all that’s possible with their innovative X-Series and choose the make and model of your dreams.

red golf cart by the lake

The Nivel X-Series Top Performance Advantages

The Nivel X-Series delivers the performance excellence cart drivers and enthusiasts expect from MadJax – plus more. Here are a few of the performance features that will elevate your driving experience:

  • A 5KW brushless AC motor to maximize performance.
  • A 400 AMP reliance control system allows the car to accelerate over hills quickly and safely.
  • Innovative independent front suspension for a smoother, more comfortable ride.
  • A responsive steering system that allows for effortless turning.
  • Reliance 30 AMP voltage reducer to power multiple accessories simultaneously.
white golf cart in front of house

Customizable Styles for MadJax Vehicles

MadJax is renowned for merging exceptional performance with style. The Nivel X-Series takes aesthetics to a whole new level. Choose a high-performance golf cart that looks terrific, too. The Nivel X-Series style options include.

  • 12 beautiful and versatile colours.
  • A sleek yet robust storm body design.
  • Bold, revealing front and rear LED lights.
  • Endlessly customizable rims.
  • A wide selection of plush seat colours and designs.
  • Available in lift and non-lift styles.
  • Stunning interior and exterior features.

Experience the MadJax Difference Today

If you value performance, style, and quality, the MadJax Nivel X Series is right for you. The team at Performance Carts and Trailers is waiting to introduce you to the series and show you all it has to offer. You’ll receive the perfect blend of power, aesthetics, and comfort. Whether you’re enjoying a day at the golf course or taking a leisurely cruise around your home or community, we’ll provide a MadJax ride to enhance the way you drive.

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