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Quality-Crafted Onward Golf Cars and PTVs in Kitchener, ON

Performance Carts and Trailers is proud to be an authorized retailer of Onward golf cars and personal transportation vehicles by Club Car. Our dealership in Kitchener, ON offers residents an excellent selection of Onward vehicles to meet various needs. The Onward is a completely customizable vehicle that lets you choose the color, number of seats, fuel power, and additional accessories to make the most of your adventure. What will your ideal Onward include?

black golf cart on the street

Personal Transportation Vehicles and V4L

Spending time outdoors in beautiful sunny weather is a priority for all of us, and doing it in an Onward PTV increases the fun by a thousand. The standard Onward is a fun and practical ride for everyday driving. The V4L offers the same but is geared more toward the value-minded driver and offers more lift. Whether out on an adventure, hitting the course, or traveling from A to B, you’ll be in supreme comfort and style in an Onward. What can you expect?

  • Durable Construction: Each Onward includes an aluminum frame for rigid construction and flake-resistant finishes that withstand the sun’s powerful rays.
  • Comfortable Rides: From two to six passengers, these are available in a stylish and comfortable ride with enough legroom for all passengers.
  • Excellent Stability: Select models include an under-axle stability bar to minimize lateral wheelbase movement for increased safety.
  • Night Vision: Each Onward comes with LED headlights, turn signals, and running lamps for added safety in traffic and after sundown.
  • Rear Flip Seats: In four and six-passenger models, the rear seat flips out to expose an additional cargo bed for moving larger items.
  • Max Power: Driving power when you need it most. Choose your fuel option, including gas, electric, AC drive, or lithium.
white golf cart in the park

Personal Utility Vehicles for Heavy-Duty Use

Adventuring on unpaved roads or going places where there simply are no roads? The heavy-duty XRT is the way to travel. These are perfect for hunting, trail rides, camping, and more. Each is constructed of a lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum frame and includes four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes for safety. You’ll be ready to tackle any terrain in one of these.


Shop Onward PVTs in Kitchener, ON

Ready to test drive an Onward golf car? Stop by the Performance Carts and Trailers showroom in Kitchener, ON to get behind the wheel and feel the comfort of these beautiful vehicles. With options to customize and build your perfect golf car, you can put your unique stamp on your creation.

Digital Dash + Bluetooth Music System

Now Standard for a Limited Time on All New Onward HP & Onward HP Li-Ion Models!