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Robust XRT Offroad Vehicles in Kitchener, ON

Performance Carts and Trailers is the top dealer and retailer of XRT offroad vehicles in Kitchener, ON, and surrounding areas. Specializing in state-of-the-art sport, golf, and all-terrain, we offer an outstanding selection of the top off-road utility vehicles perfect for both recreational trails and rugged terrains. Our lineup includes the powerful XRT 1550 SE 4×4 UTV, the robust XRT 1550 4×4 utility vehicle, and the versatile XRT 800 utility vehicle. Experience the ultimate in off-road capability and explore our extensive inventory today.

red XRT 800 golf cart

XRT 800 Utility Vehicle

Compact versatility. Endless possibilities. Small yet mighty, the XRT 800 utility vehicle is known for its agility and limitless driving range. It’s perfect for those needing flexibility and unwavering endurance on their offroad adventure. Its features include:

  • Adaptable Size: This vehicle is known for traversing narrow paths and unexpected turns easily and precisely – a quality lacking in many off-road vehicles. It can fit comfortably in a full-size pickup bed.
  • Limited Slip Differential: The automatic limited slip differential option enables this vehicle to maintain its traction and steering in the wettest, hilliest conditions.
red XRT 1550 golf cart

XRT 1550 4×4 Utility Vehicle

Conquer challenging terrains. The XRT 1550 4×4 utility vehicle allows drivers to tackle the most demanding environments. Engineered to persevere, this UTV is designed for resilience and reliability in unforgiving conditions. Its features include:

  • Comfortable and Lightweight Handling: This sleek solution delivers easy handling, enhancing comfort or control.
  • Automatic All-Wheel Drive: Expect consistent performance across any landscape. The intelligent all-wheel drive adapts to any surface and terrain, even if they change at a moment’s notice.
red XRT 1550 golf cart

XRT 1550 SE 4×4 UTV

The ultimate trail companion. The XRT 1550 SE 4×4 UTV is the perfect choice for adventurers who want to combine leisure with performance. This vehicle’s outstanding performance and handling ensure every excursion is exhilarating. Its features include:

  • Unmatched Comfort: Settle into plush seating designed for continuous comfort, even on the roughest trails.
  • IntelliTrak Automatic All-Wheel Drive: Navigate any landscape with confidence as IntelliTrak. This dynamic system provides responsive control without manual intervention.

Push Your Adventure to the Limit

Performance Carts and Trailers allows you to experience the unparalleled performance and range of XRT vehicles. Our huge inventory of the ultimate XRT offroad vehicles is backed by the model’s reliability and reputation. We are a one-stop source for world-class all-terrain and Club Car vehicles. As the top dealer and retailer in Kitchener, ON, we provide offroad, recreational, and utility drivers with exceptional performance and experiences. Please explore our selection today and discover the ride you’ve always wanted.

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