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Finance Rates From 8.99% OAC

Welcome to Performance Carts & Trailers Inc.’s Finance Department, your loan resource. We’re eager to set up financing for both new and used vehicles, or we can assist in financing. Check out our online loan calculator for an instant loan rate. Then, proceed to our online finance application.

We have financing options for all types of credit through our lending partners. Finance rates vary depending on creditworthiness, score, and debt servicing ratio. Performance Carts & Trailers is committed to finding you the perfect loan to suit your financial needs. Please complete our no-obligation finance application and our staff will contact you within 24-48 hrs to finalize the process.

Loan payments start from $99 a month, with terms ranging from 4-10 years & interest rates vary from 8.99-10.99% OAC. The loans are fully open and can be paid off early at no cost.

  • $5,000-10,000 9.99-10.99%
  • $10,000-14.999 9.49%
  • $15,000+ 8.99%
  • extended B credit for people with credit issues starts from 14.99% and up.

Finance Application

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