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Elegant Garia Luxury Golf Cars in Kitchener, ON

Performance Carts and Trailers is Kitchener, ON’s most reliable source for Garia luxury golf cars. If you want to wind and loop comfortably around the golf course or need a street-legal vehicle for moderate travel, we can provide the perfect option for you. Our wide selection includes recreational and golf cars to satisfy any purpose or lifestyle. We also perform repairs, maintenance, and upgrades for all Garia makes and models. Whether for sport or leisure, we’re ready to introduce you to a new world of golf cars.

grey golf cart in golf course

Street and Non-Street Legal Garia Models

Luxury meets performance in each of our vehicles. Whether you choose street legal or non-street legal models, we’ll provide a sleek, effortlessly operated option to fulfill your driving experience. Our impressive lineup includes:

  • Street Legal LVN: Approved for roads with up to 35mph speed limits, this luxury street cruiser is ready to rule the pavement.
  • Non-Street Legal PTV: This non-street legal option’s maximum 19mph speed makes it perfect for campuses and other areas with low-level, non-vehicle traffic.

Garia Golf Car Passenger Seating Options

Garia passenger seating is specially crafted for comfort. Your golf car will support your driver and passengers seamlessly while operating at top performance. The seating options we currently offer clients include the following:

Via 2+2

An ideal blend of social and sporty, featuring two forward-facing and two rear-facing seats.

Via 2+2 OFF-X

An exciting spin on the Via 2+2, featuring two forward and rear-facing seats. Passengers can ride bumpy or hilly terrains in comfort and luxury.

Experience the Unmatched Quality of Garia Golf Cars

Get lost in the streamlined designs, advanced features, and responsive handling that only Garia Golf Cars offer. We invite you to experience the ultimate combination of luxury and utility. With each model, prestige and craftsmanship go hand in hand—setting the standard for luxury golf car travel. We’ll get you started with a test drive so you can discover Garia’s innovations. We can’t wait to expose you to an unparalleled ride.

Your One Stop Shop for All Your Golf Cart & Trailer Needs